Top 10 Tips To Planning An Affordable Wedding In Singapore

Getting married in Singapore can easily cost S$30,000-$100,000. But don’t worry! Just because the average wedding costs seem a bit high doesn’t mean that you’ll have to leave the country to elope. With these 10 tips to plan an affordable wedding without breaking the bank in Singapore, you’ll have plenty of money to spend on other things after you tie the knot!

While some willingly shell out this much for their dream wedding, there are still several ways that you can get the costs as low as $15,000. Having a DIY wedding can be every bit as magical as one that costs years worth of university tuition.

#01. Prioritise With Your Partner

couple Indoor prewedding photoshoot by Korea Artiz Studio in Singapore

When planning a wedding, in general, you and your partner must be both on the same page.

Chat with your partner about what is most essential to your big day. Together, you can figure out what you can cut and what you should keep.

#02. Create a Budget

Outdoor prewedding photoshoot in Singapore by Hong Ray Photography

Now that you’ve prioritised with your partner, it’s time to figure out how much things will cost. Are there any places that you know you can save in? If you need some help in planning your wedding budget, log in to use Xeplanner’s free wedding budget planner to help you get started.

The planner includes a detailed cost breakdown by item and spending recommendations for a wedding in Singapore. This lets you easily track your spending, plan for, and set timely reminders for your next payment.

For example, maybe instead of paying for an expensive destination prewedding photoshoot, you can get it done in Singapore. There are plenty of secret hidden gems in Singapore that offer beautiful backdrops for your prewedding photography.

#03. Choose a Restaurant or Bar Venue

Many Singapore weddings happen in hotel ballrooms. But these locations can be quite pricy.

Picking a restaurant for weddings tends to be a lot cheaper. Plus, you’re more than likely to enjoy the food a lot more at a restaurant! While a drawback of getting married at a restaurant instead of a ballroom might mean you need a smaller guest list, you’re sure to save some money.

#04. DIY Corsages & Floral Arrangements

Wedding bouquet and corsage by The Bloomish Eden

Purchasing premade bouquets and corsages can be quite costly. So it’s a lot cheaper to stop by a wet market florist and making cohesive floral arrangements yourself.

If you don’t feel confident arranging bouquets, you could still purchase your bridal bouquet from a professional wedding florist. But then make your own corsages or boutonnieres.  With a quick search online, you can become an expert at making corsages.

#05. Thrift or Rent Decors

Neon sign wedding decor by Say it in neon

Not everything at your DIY wedding has to be brand new. You could get secondhand decors or rent your decors for reception tables to save on additional expenses while still having a stunning ceremony.

You can find plenty of pre-owned items that still function well and look beautiful at some online platforms such as:

  • Carousell App
  • Or brides-to-be Facebook groups such as Budget Brides Singapore.

If you’d like to rent your décor, you can go to Xeplanner Inspiration Search and search fordécor by theme and décor type, add your favorite inspirations into your Mood Board, then let our smart vendor-recommendation algorithm find you a list of local vendors who you can rent similar decors from. 

#06. Save on Wedding Favours

When considering affordable wedding favours, you don’t want to spend money on objects that your guests may never use or even throw out. Instead, opt for tasty options such as candies, tea cakes, or more traditional desserts such as kueh.

Your guests will love having something to eat when they get hungry. Plus, it is much less costly than commemorative knick-knacks.

#07. Rent Gowns or Buy Secondhand

Just as you can get wedding decor second hand, doing the same for your wedding gown is a great way to save. If you’re not set on preserving your wedding gown as a keepsake, renting one can be a much cheaper option.

No one is going to know that you didn’t buy your wedding ground brand new. You’ll look stunning on your big day no matter what.

#08. Reach Out to a Freelancer for Makeup & Hair

If hiring a makeup artist or hairstylist is too expensive, you can look into other freelance options.

Or, if you’d rather find a free option, you can always ask some friends of yours that are talented with hair and makeup to help out.

You can check out some super easy wedding hairstyle tutorial on our Instagram to easily create an adorable wedding hairstyle right at home.

#09. Use Grab Hire for Your Vehicle

Wedding car decoration by 85 Flowers

Grab Hire provides the flexibility of hiring a premium car with a driver within Singapore. They have a wide range of luxurious vehicles including options such as the Audi A4, BMW 3161, Mercedes Benz E300, Jaguar X-Type and more.

Here are the rates for a 4-seater Grab Car Premium for your reference:

Rates for a 4-seater Grab Car Premium

Grab Hire’s rates will easily save a few hundred dollars if you’re looking into wedding car rental companies. You can still enjoy the same vehicle you’d like to arrive in on your magical day without the high cost.

#10. Save on the Tux

Image by Wanderlust Dream Photography

While it makes more sense to go all out on expenses for the bride, the groom doesn’t need to spend nearly as much money.

While traditionally, the groom buys or rents a fancy tuxedo, the groom’s usual office clothes will do just fine. Chances are, he already has a nice-looking suit.

However, adding fancier elements such as pocket squares or fancy vests can help elevate the groom’s appearance without breaking the bank.

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